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Remote Learning Days

Because Strasburg-Franklin Local School District has experienced so many calamity days, we will be utilizing Remote Learning Days when school is called off.


1. Once a Remote Learning Day has been announced, students will access assignments on Google classroom and complete the work from home that day. Teachers will be available to immediately answer questions or provide assistance during regular school hours on Remote Learning Days.


2. If the student does not have access to the internet, the student or parent can request to be given a printout of work when they return to class, and complete it as homework.


3. Students in Kindergarten and first grade will be given packets instead of using Google classroom. They will complete the work as each day is announced and turn in completed work. These assignments are mandatory. If a student has not turned in their Remote Learning assignments then the student will be counted absent and will receive an incomplete on the assignment. Students are very familiar with Google classroom and how to access and turn in assignments, but a parent guide is provided in the link below.