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Bald man with a suit who is the superintendent

Vince Lindsey


140 N. Bodmer Ave

Strasburg, Ohio 44680


Dear Strasburg-Franklin Community, 

Our Tiger community is absolutely amazing. Thank you to all of our Tigers for simply being one heartbeat! Here at Strasburg-Franklin Local Schools, we have a great team. Our team is always ready to engage in conversation, embrace the challenges and put out Tigers first! The team here at Strasburg-Franklin Local Schools expects a successful school year filled with partnerships, teamwork and celebration. 

I am honored to work alongside the students, staff and the community to move our district forward. We here at Strasburg-Franklin Local Schools have exceptional opportunities for our students and value the support of our families. We will continue to be “committed to developing successful students who value academic excellence and are prepared to contribute positively to society”. Our Tiger pride is important to us and we will “foster PRIDE in all we do. Personal Responsibility In Developing Excellence”. 

Throughout the year, we will “Tell Our Story” of our students, our staff and our community. We believe that the success of our district will best be accomplished through a team centered collaborative approach. We invite you to be part of our story and share the wonderful things that happen daily at school and in our community. We are excited to see all of you active with our school district and look forward to connecting with everyone at school and community events.

We will focus as a district on team oriented goals and progress. We have the greatest staff in the world! The staff truly cares about each and every student! It is clear our team only wants the best for our students and community. We will focus on aligning our work to something you will hear more about called the Tiger Way. We will have four key components to our work. 

  1. Vision

  2. Communication & Collaboration

  3. High Expectations

  4. Safety & Resources

Through these areas, our teams will focus on providing the best possible learning environment and experience for ALL students. 

I am always available to listen and invite you to our district. I want to encourage you to share and be part of our district. Celebrate with us and be part of moments that help shape “Our Story”. It is with great pride and honor that I get to serve such a wonderful community with amazing students and staff. You will come to learn that I welcome communication and collaboration. Please feel free to contact me directly via email, phone or in person. I will pour you a cup of coffee and look forward to establishing a positive and successful relationship to move our community forward! Let me thank you in advance for everything you will do for your student, all students and each other because it takes a village to be the best in all we do!

Be the best in all you do, it's the Tiger Way! 

With great enthusiasm and excitement, Go Tigers!